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Making Dallas Even Better

Cooking with Your Kids: Healthy (Ok, Healthier) Cheez-It’s

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been a religious “snacker.” This means three times a day — mid-morning, mid-afternoon, and mid-night — I’m raiding the closest pantry in search of something to nom on. While in college this wasn’t a problem; I kept my dorm room stocked with fresh and healthy snacks to […]

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Into The Weekend: Naturally-Dyed Easter Eggs and A Spring Celebration

First up, the pressing matter of dye for Easter eggs…After posting Holly Davis’ piece on the dangers of artificial colors, I’ve gotten several e-mails asking about safe options for dyeing said eggs. I did a little sleuthing and turns out  all manner of readily-available natural alternatives, from coffee to cranberries, will safely do the trick. […]

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Let The Littles Get Their Art On at Oil and Cotton While You Prep for Thanksgiving

Are you looking for something to occupy your kiddos while you hit the supermarket/cook pies/clean your house/brine a turkey on Wednesday? Me too. So I’m happy (relieved) to report that we’re in luck, as our friends at Oil and Cotton are offering two half-day art camps for ages 5-12. First there’s “Savory Still Life” from […]

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Art Imitation: An Eva Rothschild Inspired Sculpture

The latest iteration of the Nasher Sculpture Center’s Sightings series of architectural interventions by contemporary artists is up with a new installation by London-based artist Eva Rothschild. For the Nasher, Rothschild has created an intricate network of black and brightly colored striped pipes which ramble through the museum’s entrance Bay. The whimsical installation snakes up the […]

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Happenings: AT&T Patio Sessions at The Winspear and A Pumpkin Carving Contest at Rise n°1

I’ve previously shared my (immense) fondness for the AT&T Patio Sessions series, and said fondness is only increased by blissful weather, like, say…the exact kind we’re having today. So grab the littles, pack up a blanket or two, pull together some picnic provisions, and head over to hear tonight’s show featuring Air Review with Home by Hovercraft. The music […]

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