Gorge on Your Kid’s Leftover Halloween Candy Tomorrow and Then Burn It Off with Some Marathon Shopping at The Dallas Flea on Saturday



For those of you mamas out there itching to get your shop on this weekend, you’re in like, as Saturday marks the fourth anniversary of the Dallas Flea’s holiday show. Writer and interior decorator Brittany Cobb’s beloved one-day market is marking the occasion with a stellar lineup of 70-plus artisans and a slew of food trucks offering tasty eats.

More than half of the November show’s vendors are new to the flea including Art by Ann JacksonNomadic Vintage, and Koromiko’s handmade lifestyle goods from artisans worldwide (which a little birdie told us that we’d go gaga over).

The action goes down on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at South Side on Lamar.

Entry is $5 (children 12 or under free), and parking is free.

For more information, visit

Cool Kid’s Goods From A Chic Houston Mama


Our picks from Biscuit: 1. Eames block set 2. Rhino bank 3. Neon stars sleep sack 4. Knit baby throw 5. Knit cactus 6. Diamonds temporary tattoo


Despite all the hullabaloo to the contrary, most Dallas-dwellers of my acquaintance have no beef with Houston. So in an attempt to debunk the rivalry; whattya say we show a little Houston mama love today?

The mama in question is one Mrs. Bailey McCarthy, blogger, designer, and founder of the seriously adorable bedding line Biscuit. McCarthy also owns a shop of the same name in Houston’s Upper Kirby District, which serves as command-central for her whimsically-printed duvets, sheets, and shams as well as a cache of pretty home accessories, and a seriously stellar selection of kiddo goods (like those six goodies above.) The best part? In celebration of Biscuit’s one-year anniversary, everything in the shop is 20% off through the end of October. Not planning a trip to Houston in the next three days? You can use the discount online too.

Happy shopping!

Mi Golondrina Solves The Question of What to Wear When You’re Doing “Nothing”

trunkSo I realize what I’m about to admit is a decidedly first-world problem, but I’m going there anyway. Ready?

Lounge clothes vex me.

See, trivial, and (worse yet) I spend a lot of time thinking about them.

There’s this mildly charming moving from the mid-90s called, If Lucy Fell, wherein co-lead Sara Jessica Parker spends lots of screen time padding around her Manhattan loft wearing a longish granny nightgown meets caftan situation. It is the perfect lounge attire. Nearly two decades later I’m still thinking about that damn “dress.”

Lounge clothes are important as a mom. Sure, there’s no actual lounging going on, but you need things you can throw on — easy, comfortable pieces that are appropriate for all the sundry things you have to accomplish around the house on the weekend but still decent and (in my fantasy world) cute for when you have to, say, chase your three year old down the street or wrangle the fifteen neighborhood kids who have taken up residence on your backyard play gym.

What’s a longe clothing challenged mom to do?


Enter Mi Golondrina. The brainchild of the lovely and talented Cristina Lynch (above), the line of soft cotton dresses and short sets, hand-embroidered by female artisans in Mexico, are a chic (and seriously pretty) antidote to the yoga-pants-and-t-shirt crutch relied on by mamas across the nation. Done and done.

You can snap up Cristina’s creations online, or, you can shop her wares in person at the Trunk pop-up shop launching tonight. A roster of local makers and artists are joining Christina at Trunk including artists Amee Calloway and Molly Cox, jewelry designer Annie O’Grady, ceramicist Paul Schneider, and The Waverly Paperie. So while you’re picking up that inky sea blue and gold, knee-length Dormida gown (my pick), you can grab some earrings, and notecards, and whatnot too. SJP would approve.

Happy shopping!


The Details

Trunk: A Dallas Pop-Up Shop of Local Vendors

6445 Cedar Springs Road, #103

Grand opening Thursday, October 17 from 6 – 9 PM

Hours of Operation: Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 9 AM – 2 PM, and by appointment.

Through Friday, December 13

Tassel Bracelets, Organic Cotton Napkins, and Monogrammed Clutches. Oh My!

paula3One of our all-time biggest mom crushes, Paul Minnis, just gave us the deets on her new holiday offerings for GAIA, the line of textiles and accessories crafted out of vintage fabrics by refugee women in Dallas seeking a better life.

There are (seriously chic) new tassel bracelets available now at Five & Ten as well as organic cotton napkins and a new line of napkin rings on offer at Number One. GAIA stockings plus a monogramming service will be available at Number One in early November…

Perfect holiday gifts for all your beloved teachers/babysitters/dance instructors et al. Done and done!

Tuesday Giveaway: Dubble Trubble Organic Products for Kids


Who is up for a giveaway? A new, all-natural hair and bath product line for kids is hitting the shelves at Target stores across America. We have all six items up for grabs. Dubble Trubble by Galvin & Galvin London has exactly what your child needs for their morning and nightly routines. Even better though, this organic product doesn’t contain chemicals such as parabens, SLS, mineral oils, or animal ingredients that can harm your child. The products are trendy, cute, fun, and ethically produced, which is the perfect combination for a happy mommy and a happy kid.

The fresh line comes in Strawberry, Bananaberry, Cool Cucumber, Cherrybomb, and Watermelon and all available in the 2 in 1 Shampoo & Body Wash as well as a Cool Cucumber Detangling Spray (if you have a daughter, this is always a necessary item in your bathroom cupboard). Nobody enjoys a wailing daughter while you yank at her knots.

Okay, if you’re asking yourself, “I want it! How do I win?” Here’s where the fun comes in: We want to know your best “Horror Hair Story.” (If I entered this contest, I think I’d win hands down. My head of hair has seen sad days of accidental green and orange, and I was once obsessed with cutting my own hair.) Kids do the darndest things, don’t they? But if my poor mother can live through my horrific hair stories, then you will too. There’s no shame, only good laughs here. Comment below with your best story by 5 p.m. on Friday, October 11. We will pick the winner at random. And if you don’t win, be sure to pick up your own Galvin & Galvin London items from Target. Ready, set, go.

Hannah Cheves is a D Moms intern.

Tracy Martin Taylor Tackles All That Kid Art That You Don’t Know What To Do With


A chic gallery wall designed by Jonathan Adler


By Tracy Martin Taylor


They can’t all be gems…

A reality discovered by new parents is that your child will produce an unbelievable amount of artwork, math worksheets, scribbles… you name it. In my experience, there are three stages of what I like to call, “Everything he/she creates is AMAZING.” They are as follows:

  • Stage 1: The Honeymoon Phase
    During this phase, every errant scribble your beloved little make is treasured. You are in awe of their raw creative talent. You can’t imagine throwing anything away. Ever. Clear boxes are purchased, and the guest room and/or hall closet begins to fill up with boxes crammed full of their masterpieces.
  • Stage 2: The Panic Phase
    In this stage the enormity of it all is beginning to sink in. Slightly. You still can’t throw anything away, but you begin to resent the need to build an addition to house your wee one’s works of art. You take no tangible action, but begin to experience jags of anger tinged with guilt. This stage is the longest.
  • Stage 3: The Balanced Phase
    You are officially in “acceptance,” realizing that (as with everything) editing is key.


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Four Fab Things We Pinned This Week


We’re on deadline, smack in the thick of getting our fall issue of D Moms off to the printer by Friday. I mean we’re busy here friends — writing, shooting (re-writing, re-shooting)…you know, all the important stuff. Oh and we’re also looking at Pinterest. Because, hey, when in need of some inspiration, Pinterest really can’t be beat, yes?

Ok, ok,we’re procrastinating.

Herewith four things that made us especially happy whilst on our Pinterest break.

  1. Ferme A Papier’s frame-worthy baby card
  2. Saint Laurent Janis suede and metallic leather sandals
  3. Martha Stewart’s Seven-Minute frosting
  4. House of Harlow 1960′s medallion locket pendant necklace

Isabel Marant Sale at V.O.D. (My Fashion Alter Ego Is Happy)


(Isabel Marant Spring 2013 goodness.)

I have a split sartorial personality.

There’s the print-adverse minimalist whose closet contains an embarrassing number of black blazers and who dreams of coming back in a second life as Emmanuelle Alt. And then there’s her Northern California-bred hippie chic alter ego who wafts about in embellishment-rich festival dresses…in her mind.

So this one is for my alter ego and all her fashion kindred spirits out there. Ready?

A big sale on a smattering of pieces from Isabel Marant’s Spring 2013 collection is happening at V.O.D. as I type.


Take Note: Killer Sale at Stella McCartney Kids


I am a fan of the Stella McCartney Kids. (I’m also a fan of the drop-dead gorgeous Stella McCartney women’s line, but let’s just say that the kids togs are more my financial speed and leave it at that). I was in the Highland Park Village shop earlier this week ogling the wee duds and saw that most all of their kiddo stuff was marked 40%.

I’m not gonna lie, that horse tank dress in the second snap is calling my name…

Happy shopping!


Kay Wyma On The Tooth Fairy, Candy at The Check Out And Other (Really) Bad Ideas

official tooth fairy kit

(An “Official” Tooth Fairy kit makes the whole enterprise legit.)


By Kay Wyma


So many times I wonder, “Who came up with that?” And “Did they even think it through?!”

I mean seriously. The number of things I could live without as a mother continues to rise. Not because they’re bad things. But because I constantly find myself digging out of a hole upon encountering them.


The Tooth Fairy
Who came up with that? It’s such a sweet idea. One that conjures happy memories from our childhoods. A tradition built on innocence and milestones and growing and … money. Because for a kid, it’s all about the money. Getting money. Then comparing the money to what their siblings/friends get. Or what they got for another tooth.

Did whoever came up with the Tooth Fairy consider for a moment the parents?! Especially in homes where multiple children reside?

“Boy… the tooth fairy must be really busy.”
“Huh?” replies frazzled mother as she juggles people, places and things.
“Yeah… the tooth fairy. She forgot again.”
“Tooth Fairy?”
“Yeah… Remember… I lost my tooth a week ago. I keep putting it under my pillow.”
“Oh – your tooth…” Mom sweetly replies while thinking, “Oh my word! His tooth!! Please tell me I didn’t forget again!”
“She must have lots of others to see. I guess I just get forgotten.”
“Oh honey….Noooo … It’s ummm… It’s the weekend. You may not know it, but the Tooth Fairy doesn’t work on the weekends. She only comes during the week.”
“That’s what you said a few days ago, except it was the other way around.”
“Whaaaa….” says mother, again stuffing a few responses about herself to herself.

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