We Have A Mom Crush On Jill Cochran (And Her Daughter Lizzie Too)


Jill’s favorites: 1. Billie Holiday 2. Frank Sinatra 3. Asian Mint 4. Christian Dior Lip Glow 4. Gap black jeans


Who she is: Jill Cochran, vice president and co-founder of Miracle Players Foundation, a non-profit organization that brings arts programs to children’s hospitals and raises funds for childhood cancer research and mother of three.

Why we love her: She has served for four years on the Southwest regional board of the US Fund for UNICEF and has dedicated her time to many other organizations, both at home and abroad, that focus on children’s health and children’s rights issues. But, most admirable, is the fact that she raised her daughter Lizzie, who since age 14 (!), has worked tirelessly to help bring joy to childhood cancer patients and raise funds for research that could prevent other children from getting the disease. Lizzie and Jill’s organization, Miracle Players Foundation, has to date raised over $165,000 and counting for Children’s Medical Center.


Inspired? Well you can join Lizzie and Jill in their amazing cause this weekend at the 3rd annual Peace, Hope & Butterflies this Saturday, August 24th, 2013 from 11am to 3pm at Flag Pole Hill. Miracle Players Foundation’s largest fundraising event will feature entertainment and activities for the kiddos, including a petting zoo, obstacle course, pirate ship, arts and crafts, and giant slide, live music from a slew of bands, local art vendors, as well as several of Dallas’ favorite food trucks. As always, the event will culminate in the release of 250 butterflies by Dallas area childhood cancer warriors.

The best part: 100% of proceeds from the event will go directly to funding childhood cancer research at Children’s Medical Center Dallas. For more information and to sponsor a butterfly, visit

And now without further ado, herewith a peek into Jill’s world.

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We Have A Mom Crush on Cynthia Smoot


Who she is: PR and marketing maven and mom Cynthia Smoot.

Why we love her: In addition to spending her days creating interactive social media strategies and handling media relations for clients as a partner at Gangway Advertising, the mom of one also regularly hits the town to cover food, fashion, events, tastemakers, and business deals for her widely-read lifestyle blog, Oh So Cynthia.

Herewith a peek into Cynthia’s world.

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We Have A Mom Crush on Jennifer LeLash


Jennifer’s favorites: 1/Elephant & Piggy books, 2/Chanel lipgloss, 3/Bequet Salted Caramels, 4/Perot Museum of Nature and Science, 5/Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dresses


Who she is: Jennifer LeLash, philanthropist, real estate agent, and mom of five-year-old Jackson.

Why we love her: She balances a successful real estate business, family life, and a commitment to philanthropy with ease. Passionate about improving the Public Education System, enhancing the lives of veterans, and eradicating cancer, the fourth generation Dallas native counts volunteering as a family among her greatest pleasures. What’s not to love?!

Herewith a peek into Jennifer’s world.

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We Have A Mom Crush on Truffle co-founders, Maria Harrington & Sarah Cusumano


Maria and Sarah’s favorites: 1. White tissue t, 2. Jacques Pepin’s Fast Food My Way 3. TRUFFLE Petite and Nº 1 Clarity bags 4. Robin Thicke 5. Bon Appétit


Who they are: TRUFFLE co-founders Maria Harrington (mom of Reese, 9 and Luke, 7) and Sarah Cusumano (mom of Andrew, 10, Jack, 9, and Jimmy,4).

Why we love them: The friends are are the masterminds behind a utilitarian, chic, and totally genius solution for organizing the chaos that is the inside of most mama’s handbags. Plus there’s this from the duo’s website:

We believe that Inside is Everything.Whether toting a beautiful designer handbag or a durable canvas carry-all, the inside of these bags can be just as lovely, functional or put-together as their outside appearance.

We couldn’t agree more!

Herewith a peek into Maria and Sarah’s world.

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We Have A Mom Crush On Brandy Adams


Brandy’s favorites: 1. Betsy Johnson dress 2. Crystal from Wright’s Rock Shop 3. Organo coffee 4. Zola Jesus 5. TUMI backpack


Who she is: Brandy Adams, founder of WAAS Gallery, self-taught painter, professionally trained dancer, professional makeup artist and hair stylist (collaborating with renowned artists such as David LaChapelle, Thomas Heisner, and Craig DeCristo), and mom of Oliver.

Why we love her: Did we mention gallery owner/painter/dancer/makeup artist/hair stylist/mom?  Oh and there’s also the fact that the creative dynamo is committed to the idea that art truly has the power to change and enrich lives. Inspiring indeed!

Herewith a peek into Brandy’s world.

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Mom Crush: Amy Leber


(Amy’s Favorites: 1. Nars lip lacquer 2. Abi Ferrin “Nikki” dress  3. Hello Kitty Band Aids 4. Breadwinners 5. The New York Times Sunday Styles)


Who she is: Amy Leber jewelry designer and mom of Eden (6) and Bell (4)

Why we love her: The hometown girl recently parlayed her design background (she previously focused on interiors) into Traeh, a line of delicate wear-everywhere jewelry. Bonus: Amy designs and handcrafts every single bangle, bauble adorned necklace, and ring herself.


Herewith a peek into Amy’s world.

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Mom Crush: St. John’s Teacher Appreciation Luncheon Co-Chairs Shannon Juett & Katie Fagelman

(A Few of Shannon and Katie’s Essentials: 1. Dallas Arboretum 2. Madewell striped tee 3. Havaianas flip flops 4. M.A.C. Lipglass 5. J. Crew scarf)


We’re doing a little something different today for our “Mom Crush” and featuring two Dallas moms that have joined forces to co-chair an event honoring the teachers at their children’s school. They are crush-worthy because of their enthusiasm, energy, drive, collaborative spirit, creativity… But what sealed the deal is the fact that they represent so many moms I know who are working full-time or at home managing kiddos and schedules and logistics with an efficiency and attention to detail that would put NASA’s Mission Control Center to shame. And they don’t stop there. These powerhouse mamas all over our fair city take things a step (or ten) further and chair committees, concept fundraisers, and execute events to help better our communities in hugely meaningful and lasting ways.

In the case of moms Katie Fagelman and Shannon Juett, the event in question is the 60th anniversary St. John’s Teacher Appreciation Tablescape Luncheon. Over the past year, in addition to their careers as the entrepreneur behind Little Play Spaces (Katie) and Vice President/Sales Director for STAK Design (Shannon), the women have lead a team of St. John’s parent volunteers in planning this event designed to honor their teachers and staff. In honor of the event, we asked the ladies to share tips for all the rest of you amazing mamas out there who might want to do something similar for your own kids’ schools. We also asked them to share some of the things that keep them sane (i.e. family outings, Tangle Teezers, and early morning alone time).

Here’s what we learned…

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Mom Crush (The Artists Edition): Erika Jaeggli and Sonali Khatti

Who they are: Mixed-media artists and moms Erika Jaeggli and Sonali Khatti.

Why we love them: The two women boast serious art cred (Erika received her graduate degree at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and studied painting under John Currin at Columbia; Sonali earned her B.F.A. from the Rhode Island School of Design and a post graduate diploma in Asian Art from the University of London), are making compelling, thoughtful works while raising their young families (no easy feat), and are committed to creative collaboration and using art as a way to better the community… Enter Remnant, a joint exhibit of the women’s work featuring their use of actual and metaphorical remnants as they explore the things left behind after the greater part has been “used, removed, or destroyed.”

Remnant is at Janette Kennedy Gallery through May 12, with an artists reception this Saturday, May 4 from 6-8:30 p.m. supporting Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center (DCAC). A portion of the evening’s sales during the reception will be donated to the DCAC, and guests can also participate in a collaborative collage that will be donated to the new DCAC facility.

Herewith a peek into Erika and Sonali’s worlds…

(Erika and Sonali’s picks: 1. The Nasher 2. Ballet flats 3. Zadie Smith 4. White button down 5. Phoenix)

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We Have A Mom Crush On Charlotte Olympia Dellal (And Not Just Because She Makes Killer Shoes)



(Charlotte’s Favorites: 1. Converse 2. High-waisted flare jeans 3. Maria Gadu 4. MAC Russian Red 5. Rita Hayworth 6. Superhero figurines for her boys 7. Classics from her line)


Who she is: Charlotte Olympia Dellal, shoe designer (her eponymous line is regularly sported by fashion “It girls” like Alexa Chung, Jessica Chastain, and Victoria Beckham), and mom of Ray (4) and Ike (1). She’s expecting her third child in September.

Why we love her: Raya and I had a chance to sit down with the designer last week when she was in town for a personal appearance at Neiman Marcus NorthPark and walked away from our chat totally smitten. Dellal was a study in contrasts, with her fitted pale pink frock, pin curls, luminous skin, and classic red lip balanced by a quick wit, a mellow demeanor, and a staunch devotion to fondness for cold beer and Converse kicks. The combined effect was immensely appealing and, without a doubt, mom crush worthy.

Herewith a peek into Charlotte’s world.

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Know An Amazing Mom? Tell Us About Her In Our “Moms Who Inspire” Contest.


The mission of D Moms is to inspire mothers to live rich/interesting/fulfilling/meaningful lives. And what better way to bring this mission to life than to feature moms that are actually doing it? Whether we highlight them in print or here on the blog, these women are our mom inspirations… our mom crushes if you will.

Now we want to know about your mom crushes.

Do you know a mom that totally and completely wows you? Maybe it’s your sister or your BFF or your neighbor or your own mom… Tell us about her, and she might end up featured here on the blog and showered with beautiful blooms from Avant Garden.

Here’s how it works…


Just tell us about a mom who has inspired you by completing our quick and easy form.  We’ll pick three exceptional moms to feature here on D Moms Daily. The winners will also receive a gorgeous bouquet from Avant Garden and a subscription to D Moms.

The deadline is May 9. Fill it out and submit it today!

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