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Making Dallas Even Better

Comme des Garcons’ Neon Wallets Make Your Handbag Infinitely More Functional (At Least That’s What I’m Going With)

When it comes to sartorial matters, I consistently eschew color. Ok, ok, I’m actually a little scared of color… There I admitted it. (But then again, my steadfast devotion to a wardrobe brimming with black, grey, and white is not exactly a secret.) However when it comes to accessories, I’m willing to throw caution to […]

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Mommy Chic

I love it when a blog lives up to its name. Like, say…Mommy Chic. The site is the brainchild of a Dallas mama who sports some serious maternity style. I can safely say I never (ever) looked remotely as pulled together (and yes, chic) as she does when I was pregnant with the girlies. (Evidence […]

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Chooze Shoes

The girlies are in the midst of “discovering” their personal style. I’m trying to be laid back about the whole enterprise, but it’s hard when one of them comes out sporting teal gym shorts, a white sequined poncho-like top, and two different shoes. But I don’t want to squelch their creativity…plus I figure this is […]

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Freckled Chicken

My friend (and fellow Dallas mama) Pam Stroffolino turned me on to Holly Hester’s line Freckled Chicken. I’m loving her one-of-a-kind skirts featuring pops of fruit print fabric above. They’re like a child version of the Prada and Stella McCartney fruit action that ruled this spring. Très chic. (Stella McCartney and Prada skirts in action via The […]

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tiny loves

Classic clutches by Herringbone (and pretty much everything about the ensemble above, right down the to red nails.) via sacramento street Fiddle-leaf figs, and Joslyn’s D Home post with scoop on where to find them in Dallas.   Ottomans made from Indian textiles spotted at st. michael’s women’s exchange. Festive paper straws, perfect for Valentine’s […]

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