Kay Wyma Helps Her Kids See Beyond a Closed Door


By Kay Wyma.

One thing I’ve noticed with my kids is how quickly they take “no” for an answer or even assume they can’t ask. I mean, someone could look at them with a quizzical response to a question and, more often than not, they’re running the other way saying something like, “It’s closed” or “Can’t do it,” or “I told you it would be no.”

I find it so interesting.

It must have something to do with aversion to failure. Or maybe it’s just regular kid don’t-want-out-of-the-comfort-zone. Could it the new normal of choosing flight over fight? Thinking that very few things are worth scraping and clawing to get to the other side.

The other day I drove to Plano with one of my kids riding shotgun by my side. We absolutely love the Great Harvest Bread Company. When one near our house closed a few years ago, I went into mourning.

When I heard there was a store off Spring Creek Parkway in Plano (and since whatever pounds I thought might disappear from the massive decrease of bread in our diet never happened) I was there in a heartbeat. I go every few weeks and stock pile. I love to surprise my neighbors and friends with a loaf of Cinnamon Burst or Pumpkin Chocolate Chip along the way. We all miss our store.

Needless to say, it’s a tiny bit of a trek for us since we live close to Downtown Dallas. But, it’s worth every mile added to my odometer. Plus, I get time in the car with my teen who lives for a road-trip.

Last week we started out a bit late and got caught in minor traffic. By the time we arrived, the store had closed.
“Ohhh…,” my ever-faithful companion moaned. “It’s closed.”

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Into The Weekend…


Friday, celebrate Día de los Muertos at the Oak Cliff Cultural Center with performances by Alegre Ballet Folklorico and Cuicani in Xochitl, and fill up on Day of the Day bread with hot chocolate. Be sure to check out the original altars on display in the gallery—each one is made by a local artist.

On Saturday, make plans for the whole family, either at the North Oak Cliff Music Festival or Carrollton’s free Festival at the Switchyard. The local music festival, organized by the Kessler Theater, was a huge success last year. Originally planned for the Winnetka Heights venue, the event grew so large that a move outdoors was the only option. It’ll be held in Lake Cliff Park, and in addition to a line up that includes The Relatives and Bob Schneider, you’ll find kids activities, food trucks, and more. Kids ten and under get in free.

If you drop by downtown Carrollton, you’ll find ’90s hitmakers Smash Mouth and Sugar Ray headlining a full day of fun, where Vallejo, Breckenridge, and Bon Jovi cover band Blaze of Glory will also perform. Entertainment for kids includes bungee trampolines, bounce houses, and ziplines, and there will be concessions and crafts available for purchase.

On Sunday, pop star Selena Gomez takes over the American Airlines Center. You can still get tickets that won’t totally break the bank.

Gorge on Your Kid’s Leftover Halloween Candy Tomorrow and Then Burn It Off with Some Marathon Shopping at The Dallas Flea on Saturday



For those of you mamas out there itching to get your shop on this weekend, you’re in like, as Saturday marks the fourth anniversary of the Dallas Flea’s holiday show. Writer and interior decorator Brittany Cobb’s beloved one-day market is marking the occasion with a stellar lineup of 70-plus artisans and a slew of food trucks offering tasty eats.

More than half of the November show’s vendors are new to the flea including Art by Ann JacksonNomadic Vintage, and Koromiko’s handmade lifestyle goods from artisans worldwide (which a little birdie told us that we’d go gaga over).

The action goes down on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at South Side on Lamar.

Entry is $5 (children 12 or under free), and parking is free.

For more information, visit

What’s for Dinner? (And Lunch!): Pesto Grilled Cheese and Cold Pesto Pasta


Pair this week’s recipe with your favorite soup for a delicious, healthy, and nostalgic meal.

By Hannah Cheves.

As I wrote in yesterday’s dreary/rainy weather, I could only think about only two things: My pajamas and cocoa, and the perfect option for this week’s dinner-to-lunch recipe: a grilled cheese and soup. Add pesto to your sandwich for something green, and bathe in an egg wash for hidden nutrition. Pair this with your kid’s favorite soup for dipping (but is there any option other than tomato?), and its a perfect meal for a cold, rainy night in. Then, for tomorrow, recycle that pesto for a cold pasta dish to send for lunch. Pesto is a simple add-on you can make at your house for anything from a spread on sandwiches, to pastas, or drizzled on top of chicken. If you do not have a food processor, which is needed to make pesto, there are plenty of great options at your grocery store to purchase.

 Egg Washed Pesto Grilled Cheese: Amounts yield one sandwich

-1 tbsp of pesto (Here’s a recipe if you’d like to make your own:

-2 slices of wheat bread

-1 slice of mozzarella cheese

-1 egg

-2 slices of organic round Canadian bacon (Jones All Natural Uncured is fabulous)

So simple! Grab a pan, and spray it with non-stick. Turn on low-medium heat. Take your two slices of bread and butter just one side each, lay buttered side down on skillet top  Next, crack your egg and mix with just 1 tsp of milk. (Moms, if you’re watching your calories, do just egg white for you. It is only 17 calories vs. 70!) Grab the bread slices out of the skillet once golden and lather 1 tbsp of pesto on the browned sides of your bread. Place your cheese over, and lay your Canadian bacon slices on top of that. (My mouth is watering already.)

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Parent Coach Galit Birk on Anger Issues and Management

AngerBy Galit Birk, PhD.

Why is my child so ANGRY??!?! 

Stop being so mad! Don’t get so frustrated! We don’t hit when we’re angry! I am willing to bet that most of you have heard yourself say such things to your child at one time or another or maybe even all too often in their toddler and preschool years. As our kids start to grow up and to experience feelings they don’t quite know what to do with, we may start to see more anger and more tantrums than we’d like (did you think that was just a terrible two’s thing? Surprise!), and not quite know what to do with it ourselves. Some things to remember:

Your child is normal: The first thing to remember is that our children’s behavior, be it tantrums, hitting, or rebelling is usually developmentally appropriate. Phew! I absolutely do not condone hitting, not with my child or yours, but I do understand and accept that it comes from not yet knowing how to control strong emotions and/or not yet having the tools or the resources that come both from parents and with age. As parents we need to offer resources, modeling and patience as we teach our kids just how to be angry. Dealing with anger is a journey. This is one of those things that you won’t teach over a weekend or a summer. Anger can feel overwhelming, even to us as adults, and we too tantrum sometimes even though we know more appropriate techniques and are better able to regulate and control our emotions. So sigh, breathe and surrender! Your child is normal! It will be ok!

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Tracy Martin Taylor Tackles the TV (And How to Make Them Look Chic)

dmoms-tips4tv-hexagon 2Pictured above: 1. Kendall Charcoal from Benjamin Moore; 2. Phillip Jeffries Manila Hemp in Ochre; 3. Bamba Rushcloth wall covering from Schumacher; 4. Sherwin Williams’ Dovetail

By Tracy Martin Taylor

It’s fall. The obvious images arise of golden leaves falling, pumpkins appearing in everything from your front porch to your latte, and of course: football. In our football town/state this is serious. Despite our female-ness, many of us girlies love Sunday football. And I must admit the only time (I can think of) that I actually really scared my adorable little one, was when she witnessed me suddenly shoot straight up off the sofa while screaming at the TV during an unfortunate play. I think it was on fourth down but I digress. So here’s my design reality: the TV is a key part of the home.

TVs are like ceiling fans to the interior designer. We hate them. We know it’s Texas and a ceiling fan is necessary but we really (pretty please) wish that a stellar chandelier could live in your master bedroom instead. BUT even as a designer, I am pro-function so I support the necessities. A TV is a requirement and since we are in Texas where bigger is better; the TVs are growing as I write this piece.

Here are some ways to make the digital monstrosity co-exist in your home without fighting with the rest of your décor:

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Cool Kid’s Goods From A Chic Houston Mama


Our picks from Biscuit: 1. Eames block set 2. Rhino bank 3. Neon stars sleep sack 4. Knit baby throw 5. Knit cactus 6. Diamonds temporary tattoo


Despite all the hullabaloo to the contrary, most Dallas-dwellers of my acquaintance have no beef with Houston. So in an attempt to debunk the rivalry; whattya say we show a little Houston mama love today?

The mama in question is one Mrs. Bailey McCarthy, blogger, designer, and founder of the seriously adorable bedding line Biscuit. McCarthy also owns a shop of the same name in Houston’s Upper Kirby District, which serves as command-central for her whimsically-printed duvets, sheets, and shams as well as a cache of pretty home accessories, and a seriously stellar selection of kiddo goods (like those six goodies above.) The best part? In celebration of Biscuit’s one-year anniversary, everything in the shop is 20% off through the end of October. Not planning a trip to Houston in the next three days? You can use the discount online too.

Happy shopping!

Kay Wyma on Winning Ms. Carpool America


By Kay Wyma.

As has been established, I’m not going to cut it as Mom Grand Supreme, but I am in the running for Carpool Queen. Maybe not Carpool Queen… but Miss … okay, Ms. (it has been a long time since “Miss” has been uttered before my name. “Hey Lady”, yes … “Miss”, not so much), Ms Carpool America. That, I’m in the running for.

I’ve been in training for the coveted crown for the last several years. I had a shaky start. See Also: our first child’s 2-week well check at the pediatrician where when through post-partum tears I fought the car seat and lost. No matter how hard I tried, with my mother by my insecure side, I could not get that baby carrier out of its base. So into the office we went carrying the entire contraption.

Today, I think I could whip a kid in and out of a car seat in two seconds flat. And, Car Seat Extraction is one of the Ms. Carpool America Talent sections in which contestants are required to participate.

Ms. Carpool America is a combination pageant/talent show/rodeo/X Game genre. Granted no major media outlet has picked it up this extravaganza for world-wide view and celebration. But contestants around the globe hone their skills every day. And it’s impressive.

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Into The Weekend…

Such a great film. And book.

Such a great film. And book.

I’m about to pack up and head out to see my favorite kiddos—my baby cousins who live in San Antonio. Okay, so they are not so much babies anymore. But they are the best. If I had them here this weekend, this would be our itinerary.

Friday, don’t miss SMU alum William Joyce’s triumphant return to his alma mater. The Oscar-winning filmmaker and author will host a special screening of his animated short film The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore, complete with milk and cookies. Joyce will also sign copies his latest books, “The Mischievians” and “The Sandman and the War on Dreams.” The event is free and family-friendly, so all ages are invited to attend and play pretend.

As you might know, the Dallas Opera opens the powerful, not so kid-friendly opera Carmen this weekend. But young ones are not left out. Saturday afternoon offers cultural enrichment with the classic children’s tale Jack and the Beanstalk, combining the production power of the Dallas Opera and the Dallas Children’s Theater. The simple storyline combined with the over-the-top theatrics of drama of the opera should delight any child.

Finally, make sure you visit Klyde Warren Park at least once this weekend to help celebrate the park’s first birthday. Nearly a million people have stomped through Klyde Warren Park in its inaugural year, and now that burger stand Savor has opened its doors, the whole thing is officially dunzo. Celebrate with activities that include al fresco yoga, an instrument petting zoo, the Dallas Opera simulcast of Carmen, and concerts galore.

What’s for Dinner? (And Lunch!): Bacon Meatloaf and Croissants


Photo from Spring 2013 D Moms.

The meatloaf: A variety of stories accompany this dish, and I am sure we all have heard them. Be it a horror story of a school cafeteria “surprise” or Luby’s with the grandparents growing up, let’s face it- the meatloaf just doesn’t have a positive connotation for many of us. But, I believe the meatloaf to be an unfairly stereotyped meal across the kitchen tables of America. This injustice has to come to an end! Poor meatloaf has been forced to drag around the terrible experiences of children who never had the joy of tasting an actually delicious meatloaf for far too long. In fact, good meatloaf is no mystery meat surprise. Rather, it is an artfully crafted combination of meat, veggies, and married flavors that melt in your mouth. Give meat loaf a chance, moms, before it’s too late! (Before the art of crafting loaves of meat is lost forever…)

Okay, so the drama could be a little over board, but I am serious when I say that meatloaf is great. I grew up eating meatloaf at least once a week. Juicy and baked to perfection, paired with mashed potatoes and corn. Meatloaf is perfect for hiding what you really want your kids to eat, too. The options are endless. If you want an italian inspired loaf, go italiano topped with one of the previous recipes I posted for hidden veggie sauce. If you want a mexican loaf, go for it. My family was a meat and potatoes family. Thus, I present to you a traditional bacon infused meatloaf. Then, for lunch the next day, wrap up some loaf baked inside a croissant. It’s the perfect way to eat those left overs, and make those kids’ bellies happy!

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