Kay Wyma on Embracing Rather Than Enduring the Tough Moments

TodayIWillbeHappierLast week, I flew home from Virginia and a little over 24-hour trip. If I can make a day-trip, I do it. But sometimes I have to spend the night somewhere. And what a beautiful spot to spend the night – Virginia Beach, Virginia. I called Jon from my hotel room that looked over a stunning garden and sea of towering trees adorned in the beauty of Autumn leaves.

“We so need to vacation here.” I told him, hopeful that we might actually take a vacation this summer. “It’s so beautiful. I haven’t seen it, but there’s a beach. And so much to do. And Williamsburg is so close. We could hit D.C.”

“I’ve never been there.”

“Me neither. But we would love it. The kids would love it.”

The kids.

They’re the reason why I will do my best to day trip rather than overnight.

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Dawn Mellon Dishes on the Classics


Do you have a classic trench? Read on for more of Dawn’s must-have classics for your wardrobe.
Photo by Thom Jackson as seen in the Fall/Winter 2013 issue of D Moms.

By Dawn Mellon.

I find myself repeating famous quotes and later wondering, “What exactly does that mean?”  Take, for example, the old adage, “Dressed to the nines.”  Think about it. The nines? Why not the eights or the tens? How can someone dress TO a number? And, why is it considered a compliment?

As it turns out, the most popular theory of the meaning behind the saying, “Dressed to the nines,” is that it used to take a full nine yards of fabric to create the very best suits.

I think we’re all guilty of saying things without really knowing the meaning behind our words. Worse yet, I think we’re also guilty of tossing about words, acronyms and industry jargon, fully expecting everyone to understand what we mean. Which leads me to think about those in the fashion industry referring to ‘the classics?’  Invest in the classics. Build your wardrobe around the classics. The classics never go out of style. Sounds good, but, what exactly are the classics?

Here’s my take on the classics, or, as I refer to them: “The Dazzling Dozen:”

1.  Little Black Dress

Considered by many as Coco Chanel’s most significant contribution to the fashion industry, the little black dress has stood the test of time. Why? It’s simple. Literally, it’s simplicity is the key to its longevity. You can put on a pair of evening sandals and your best jewelry or you can throw on a pair of flats with a simple pair of earrings, slip into your dress, and you look appropriate and put together.

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Kay Wyma on Tales From the Parking Lot


Photo by Maxine Helfman for D Moms.

By Kay Wyma.

“So, what do you think about lunch next week?” my friend asks me over the phone. We had been catching up while I drove north to the West Plano Costco.

I love Costco. Sam’s is great, too. But we had weekend visitors headed. One of which happens to be my father-in-law who has a fetish for the Kirkland brand Cashew Crunch. I might have a fetish myself and an appreciation to be able to blame my father-in-law for stocking the house.

“Oh my word.”  I cut her off. “Someone just took the parking spot I have been waiting for. Seriously, I was waiting with my blinker the entire time that lady was loading her car and putting away the cart. I can’t believe someone would pull in front of me.”

“How rude!” my friend commiserated.

“I know. Can you believe?!” But, I shrugged it off. “Whatever. There’s a guy coming up to his car next to that spot. I’ll just wait for him.”

We kept talking while I waited. And waited. And waited. Slow-Man had no clue, or didn’t care, that someone was waiting to park.

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What’s For Dinner? (And Lunch!): Teriyaki Pineapple Chicken and Faux-Thai Noodles


Set the table for this delicious Asian-inspired dinner.

By Hannah Cheves.

This week D Moms is cooking with a little Asian flair. I don’t know about you, but I love Chinese and Thai food. I would love to cook it more often, but I find it a little intimidating. Therefore, this week we are making some simple teriyaki chicken and grilled pineapple for dinner with a couscous “fried rice.” Then, for lunch, use that chicken to mix with some spaghetti noodles and sauces for a faux-thai noodle dish.

Teriyaki Pineapple Chicken
-Five chicken breast (boneless, skinless, free range)
-2 tbsp low sodium soy sauce
-1/2 cup of teriyaki marinade/sauce (any grocery store will carry a pre-made sauce)
-1 ½ cups of chopped pineapple
-1 tbsp minced garlic
-Salt and pepper to taste
-Olive oil for pan

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Parent Coach Galit Birk on a Month of Thanks and Giving

GalitThanksBy Galit Birk, PhD.

Honoring this month of thanks…

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are changing, the temps are dropping and fall is finally upon us! With the upcoming holiday around the corner we all start to prepare–be it getting ready for travel, getting the house ready for visitors or prepping for the big feast we all feel the presence of Thanksgiving upon us. How else might we experience the upcoming holiday? How else might we set it apart for ourselves and for our kids from other holidays, from other months? I invite you this November to create new traditions for yourself and/or your family in this month of thanks, as it is an opportunity to both teach and to experience the magic of giving thanks.

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Get Thee To The Amazing Sale At The Office of Angela Scott This Weekend


I realize this might read a little shallow or cliché (or shallow and cliché), but, for me, a killer pair of shoes ranks right up there with a good hair day in sheer day-enhancing powers. And since my hair’s been bumming me lately, and my next cut/color is a two full weeks out, I’m going for the quick shoe fix.

Enter The Office of Angela Scott. The designer behind those witty and insanely chic kicks above is having a killer sample sale at her Victory Park showroom for the next two weekends (November 14-16 and the 21-23 ). The sale runs from 11-5 each day and features a range of all sizes (6-10), all for  $125-$195 (Angela’s shoes normally ring in at $500 and up). To check out all the styles that will be available visit and then click “Collections” and then “Women.”

Happy shopping!

Kay Wyma on What is Behind Refrigerator Doors

PantryBy Kay Wyma.

“I put some brownies in your refrigerator,” my very nice new friend kindly informed me.

We were standing in my entry-way. “You did?” I smiled.

“I can’t stay for lunch,” she continued, “but I wanted to bring something for dessert for those who can. Thanks so much for inviting us.”

I was touched by her gesture. We have a group that meets at my house on Tuesdays for a Bible study. This particular day, I thought the lesson was a bit long, so I emailed everyone to stay for lunch if they wanted. A sandwich lunch. Nothing extravagant.

But as she told me about her kind gesture, I couldn’t stop my mind from racing through our refrigerator shelves.

“Oh my word,” I thought, still smiling as if I didn’t have a care in the world. Did she see the lettuce from last week that is still wrapped in dish towels? I had put the extra-washed leaves back in the refrigerator to have for a salad the next day. But “next day” might have turned into a week.

Ew. I could only imagine what that must look like.

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The Dallas Contemporary is Throwing a Birthday Bash, and It’s For the Kids

dc birthday party
We’re suckers for a good family art event. First Saturdays at the Nasher? Yes, please. Late Night at the DMA? Count us in.  So, there’s an awfully good chance (i.e. 100% positive), we’ll be making a beeline for the Dallas Contemporary this Saturday between 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

The occasion? The museum is turning 35, and among the many activities they have planned to mark the occasion is a kid-friendly “birthday party” extravaganza.

The free event features children’s story readings, live music, a collage workshop, screen printing + tasty fare from Tutta’s Pizza and Life is Sweet food trucks.

Get full deets and the complete Alive for 35 schedule here.

Dawn Mellon on Creating “Go To” Outfits

fashion_mom_2By Dawn Mellon.

‘I don’t have a thing to wear!’  If these words resonate with you, you’re not alone.  Sadly, this statement is often made in a closet full of clothes. In most cases, the frustration doesn’t stem from a lack of clothes. Instead, it typically stems from  not knowing how to turn separates into an ensemble or from not planning ahead.  Hence, active wear, is now considered by many a casual outfit suitable for running errands or meeting a friend for coffee. Yet, no one would wear jeans and a sweater to a spin class; no one would wear a bathing suit to a black-tie dinner; and no one would wear a formal gown to the beach. Absurd, right?  Absolutely!

So, how do we keep active wear in the gym?

Create a ‘Go To’ section in your closet.

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Little Bean Joins Hadleigh’s Baby Pop Up in Highland Park Village

Hadleigh's Baby

We spent a hefty chunk of last week mourning the closing of beloved children’s shop Little Bean’s brick and mortar location in Junius Heights. Sure, you can still get stylish kid’s togs, gifts, and accessories from the likes of Anthem of the Ants, Jess Brown, and Joah Love on their online shop, but there’s just something about ogling the goods in person.

So we were bolstered by the news that Little Bean is joining the Hadleigh’s Baby pop up shop opening in Highland Park Village on November 14th. In addition to Little Bean’s slew of indie lines, the shop will stock Hadleigh’s handmade girl’s dresses and speciality gifts, Baby Bespoke by Kathryn Beach, Smocked Auctions, Milly Minis, and I love gorgeous. The best part? All this shopping goodness is going down through January 4. Perfect for your holiday gift needs.

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