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Making Dallas Even Better

D Moms Loves: Art Adventures at The Modern, Cobalt Blue Goodness at V.O.D., and Duro Olowu for JCPenny

We are furiously working on finishing the spring issue of D Moms, but that doesn’t mean we’ve abandoned our “Loves” list. Herewith the people/places/things we’re digging this week. The Modern in Ft. Worth: Specifically we’re crazy about The Modern’s monthly Drawing from the Collection for Children program. I took my six year old and her buddy […]

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tiny loves

I’ve been in the doldrums lately, which is odd and untimely considering the weather is so gobsmacking beautiful. To cure my ills, I’ve taken to cooking, as I often do when things get internally murky. So here’s a list of food related loves that have me feeling better(ish). Am I right when I say that those brass […]

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the tactile workshops

Just discovered this book called The Tactile Workshops by designer Bruno Munari over here via here. Looks wonderful: do not touch! how many times do children hear this order? no one would ever say: do not look, do not listen, but touching is different. evidently a lot of people think you can do without. the […]

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wishing traditions

On a recent trip to nyc I picked up Wishes, a beautifully illustrated children’s book by Roseanne Thong. My four-year-old has loved reading about the different ways children celebrate holidays and make wishes around the world, and I’ve learned a thing or two myself. It sounds almost silly that such a simple book would have […]

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